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Topic: women as church leaders


God has always used women in His Kingdom just as much as men, however, every woman whom God truly used was submitted to her husband, and or respected male elders in the church.


In the NT there is not one instance of a woman having authority over men in the church.


The few that are cited are by twisting scripture.


And leaders were always plural in the NT.


Imagine a scenario where a man’s wife is his pastor or elder?


It makes a mockery of God’s order.


So, does a woman submitting to her husband and recognizing male elders mean she is restricted to function by the Holy Spirit?


Of course not. That would be an absurd proposition.


It only means that if she’s ever tempted to take authority over men, she shouldn’t do that.


But women can do so much in the Kingdom without taking authority over men.


The false presupposition is often that, if women are not allowed to be leaders, then their gifts are suppressed, and they are not allowed to function.


Totally false dichotomy.

One Response to “Women”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    If we look at leadership as an expression of an example, then a lady evangelist would be, in that sense, a leader, because of the example she sets, even though she doesn’t have authority over men.

    A woman could turn the whole world upside down and still be submitted to her husband and the elders of a relational church fellowship.

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