Synergism or monergism?

For those of us who’ve been born again, we can observe retrospectively how we were born of God, born of the Spirit.


On one hand it was all God.


On the other hand we were not forced against our will.


There’s nothing we could take credit for.


Now, this is where the Calvinists disagree.


They think that if my will is involved at all then that means I am taking the credit for my salvation and am saving myself.


But “saving yourself” can have different meanings.


Peter exhorted the Jews to “save themselves” from their perverse generation.


Fleeing the wrath to come could be described as saving yourself from the wrath to come.


But “saving yourself” by observing Jewish laws doesn’t work (as per Galatians).


Look at it like a marriage.


If the groom has done everything, provided everything, and all the bride has to say is, Yes! Or, I do! Then, is the bride earning or achieving anything by saying, I do,!


And, what if the bride’s decision was not necessary for the marriage?


Let’s say it’s a “monogernistic” marriage where she has no say in it.


How would that be?


For me, I would say Jesus saved me by His will, but not against my will.


And by saying that there’s zero glory I can credit to myself.


And that’s grace.

3 Responses to “Synergism or monergism?”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Monergism states that the regeneration of an individual is the work of God through the Holy Spirit alone, as opposed to Synergism, which, in its simplest form, argues that the human will cooperates with God’s grace in order to be regenerated.


  2. ian vincent Says:

    Do you want to be saved or lost?

    Do you want to go to heaven or hell?

    I want to go to heaven.

    Now, what righteousness have you supposedly earned or achieved or could boast about by simply saying you want Jesus to save you?

    Does that mean you have earned your righteousness just because you said, Yes, ?

    Of course not.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    Of course, we don’t have to choose between Synergism or Monergism.

    At least, nowhere does the Bible say you have to.

    We need only to accept what God says at face value, point by point.

    Is Jesus the author and finisher of our faith?


    Are we accountable to Him on Judgment Day for what we have done?


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