Who says?

Any spiritual truth, in order to be truth, has to have truly come from God, and therefore be true on that basis: that is, for it to be authoritatively true,  God must be the author of it.


The Jews were right to ask Jesus, ‘By what or whose authority do you speak?’


They understood, rightly, that if a man speaks by his own authority, he is speaking his own truth, that is, he is the originator of it (or the devil) and not God.


False Christians have a low view of God’s word because they have a high view of man’s word, especially their own.

The institutional church has not taught people to think conceptually.


You can be talking about scriptural concepts and principles, and they have no idea it is scriptural truth, because they don’t think conceptually, only superficially, on the surface.

Often people will not know that scripture says it unless you say, scripture says.

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