A pure heart

“Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8


So, a pure heart is the only eye through which we can see God.


And an impure heart is certain blindness.


The only true spiritual vision we need is to see Jesus, by faith, in the Spirit.


And this true spiritual vision is exclusively for the pure in heart.


All esoteric methods of finding God are useless.


“Pure”  means without mixture. The heart motive is pure when we seek His glory alone and not our glory, and when we seek His will and not our selfish will, and when we delight in what He delights in and hate what He hates.


A pure heart is a heart which is like God’s own heart.


So, therefore to desire and seek for Jesus to purify our hearts is surely to be sought after with faith and diligence.


Many are seeking everything except this.

One Response to “A pure heart”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Whenever we teach the Beatitudes there will always be someone chiming in that it is salvation by good works.

    Yes, it would be if Jesus gave no other teaching on salvation, but thankfully He did.

    The Beattitudes show the result or fruit of salvation: they are descriptive, not prescriptive.

    They are simply facts.

    The pure in heart shall see God. A fact.

    How we get a pure heart is by the washing and cleansing of the Blood, and by getting a new heart.

    But, that said, the Beattitudes are very important as a standard as to where we are really at.

    If I read them and got convicted that I’m deficient in what is described there then I need to do something about it.

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