The neurotic time

As I scroll down Facebook I see a near constant steam of black guys and gals on LIVE feed “prophesying” to me, or, presumably to someone out there.

Of course, it’s not real prophecy, they are “phishing” for money. And it seems to be exponentially increasing as a copy-cat behavior. Usually they are so brash you might think they’re on drugs. The message is always the same, though. God is going to bless you soon, whoever you are.

Shallow people are constantly searching for someone to tell them everything’s gonna be okay, because God’s word is not enough for them.

Everything’s gonna be okay cos I just watched Joel Osteen and he told me it will…

Then a total stranger dude from Africa decreed to me that all will be well, so now I can have peace……..

Twenty years ago we didn’t know it would get this fake before Jesus returns.

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