Don’t be naive

God can give visions of the future, and so can the devil. God can give supernatural revelation about hidden things in people’s lives, and so can the devil.


So, these things alone don’t prove if someone is from God or the devil.


But many are too naive about this.


Now, if a true Christian receives visions of the future, or, what is known as, words of knowledge, they will never USE that to try and convince people of what they think is their spiritual authority. They will never suggest that people should accept what they teach on the basis of these supernatural things. That’s the way the devil works, not God’s children.


That’s why the false prophets, when they seem to get it right (forgetting all their failed prophecies) always blow their own trumpet and advertise themselves furiously on social media. They’ve hit the jackpot, and now more naive people will follow them.

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