A genuine church

How can you tell between a true church and a fake church?


It’s very simple. The Bible definition of “church” is a people who are called out of the world to Christ.


So, if you find a group of genuine followers of Jesus, then you’ve found a genuine church.

One Response to “A genuine church”

  1. ian vincent Says:


    Since Ekklessia pertains to a people called out to follow Jesus, then any such group which is that, in reality, is an Ekklessia in the sight of Jesus.

    Even an institutional gathering can be an Ekklessia if it’s actually Jesus whom each individual follows.

    So then, a lot of it hinges on whether it’s really the Jesus of the Bible people are following, or an imaginary one.


    Apparently, there was a shift in understanding as to what constitutes a church over the second and third centuries.

    Gradually, Ekklessia became understood as a physical house of God rather than a people.

    Then the ancient Norse word for house of God, Kirke, came into use as Christianity spread all over Europe and the British Isles.

    Then Kirk, became Church.

    But in some languages the current word for Church is very close to Ekklessia, like in Spanish, Iglesia, and Hindi, Kalessia.

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