The deal which went wrong

Was just reading Revelation 17 and noted a few things:


The woman (false Christianity) rides the beast (the human embodiment of satan), so she has kind of made a deal with the devil, but ultimately discovers the devil is not someone you should make a deal with.


For Christians, there is a sense where every compromise is a deal with the devil.


But our lesson here is that you never get away with it, in the end.


She compromised the word of God in order to get rich and powerful, yet discovers, in the end, she loses everything she compromised to get.


So, even though this woman (false Christianity) does not serve God or represent Jesus, the devil still hates her passionately, for the devil is the instrument God uses to judge her.


The woman boasted of her ecclesiastical authority over satan, only to find it was all a game the devil played with her. She was being set up.


Another point from Revelation 17 and 18:


Note how the OT theme of “Babylon” recurs, while the first century writer and audience were well aware that Ancient Babylon had been destroyed and no longer existed.


Therefore, it shows that certain OT references to the fall of Babylon can have dual application, representative by the exact same phrases appearing in the Book of Revelation.

2 Responses to “The deal which went wrong”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    See Revelation 17:8.

    There is coming a world leader who will die and rise again (tell him it’s been done before) and he will get the attention and allegiance of the whole world, except of those who’ve truly been born again.

    In verses 16 -17 we read that, after the beast fools the world, then his coalition of ten nations destroys the woman (who embodies false Christianity).

  2. ian vincent Says:

    This resurrection will be witnessed by the whole world via the media, so the whole world is convinced, having seen it with their own eyes.

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