Plandemic debunked

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3 Responses to “Plandemic debunked”

  1. ian vincent Says:
  2. ian vincent Says:

    One of the many schemes of the enemy is to either unite or divide people over conspiracy theories. Either way, it’s just as bad.

  3. ian vincent Says:

    If the aim of the Plandemic video was to prove the pandemic was planned, then it fails miserably at that.

    In fact, in the video Mikovits, herself, is non committal as to whether the virus was intentionally introduced to the public, or accidentally got out of the lab, and she also doesn’t believe it was created in the lab!

    So, she admits she doesn’t know whether the pandemic was planned or not.

    But the video is called, Plandemic?

    And, she uses a scattergun approach, throwing out various unsubstantiated allegations against public figures, government departments and big pharma which are supposed to prove the pandemic was planned, but, which, even if they were true, don’t prove it was planned.

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