Pope Watch

I may regularly start re-tweeting the Pope and making my comments:

Firstly, who is he talking to? Who is the intended audience?

He says, “our society”, so, if the audience is the whole world, then it’s a cruel joke to imply that God’s enemies, who are under His wrath, and whom He calls to repent and renounce their sin, are simply wandering sheep who feel orphaned and  need a little guidance to get back on track.

Speaking to the unredeemed as if they were the redeemed is a cruel joke because it will give them a false hope that all is okay with God.

They could die and go to hell today, then forever curse the Pope for making them feel they were redeemed when they weren’t.

How can they “rediscover the Father” when they never knew Him?

How can they cone to know the Father at all while listening to such a false gospel of universalism which assumes everyone is right with God?

7 Responses to “Pope Watch”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Why pay attention to the Pope?

    Because soon it will all impinge upon us.

    Watch and pray.

  2. GraceandTruth Says:

    What do you think of this whole covid-19 situation ?

  3. ian vincent Says:

    Hi sister,

    It’s one of the pestilences or plagues which Jesus said would come.

    Although there have been many plagues over the church age, some much more deadly than this, this pandemic is a “gift” to the emerging New World Order.

    They didn’t create or cause it.

    But they are going to use it for all they can.

  4. GraceandTruth Says:

    I agree with you. Some Christians are saying that the virus doesn’t actually exist but this morning the Holy Spirit reminded me of what you just wrote – that Jesus said there would be pestilence increasing.

    And that this just fits into the NWO agenda – yes. Thank you for clarifying this to me, I feel it’s the wisest response to this pandemic I have heard.
    Blessings brother,

  5. ian vincent Says:

    If some Christians are saying the virus doesn’t actually exist then they are being used by the devil to make Christians look like idiots.

  6. ian vincent Says:

  7. GraceandTruth Says:

    Watched it – awesome! Thanks

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