The last civil war

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  1. ian vincent Says:

    Remembering Dumitru Duduman.


    Dumitru Duduman’s messages prophetically sounded like David Wilkerson and Henry Gruver. All three men are gone now. All stated external attacks close to the end of days. The one slight difference was that Dumitru realized America wouldn’t repent.

    Minneapolis is burning, and there are roving bands of adversaries walking about, seeking who they may devour (1 Peter 5:8).
    Wilkerson in 2009 described fires in cities across America preceding greater disasters.

    Dumitru Duduman said it would begin with an internal revolution, or civil unrest, started by the communists. unquote


    In the late 70s, Corrie Ten Boom came to America to warn about what is going on now. I heard her at the Manhattan town hall and she said God had sent her to warn his people to repent and to wake up because we were going to be taken over by a totalitarian govt. The church looked at her like she was crazy. They didn’t get it. It seemed ridiculous. But I always remembered what she said. Recently I looked for a tape or recording of her talk but can find no evidence of one. But she preached this all over America. unquote

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