China Corona update

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  1. ian vincent Says:

    From a doctor/professor in China.

    “At the recent internal meeting of ministries and commissions in Beijing, medical experts and foreign medical clients communicated suggestions. There are the following suggestions for family reference: 1. The spread of the epidemic may be alleviated in summer, but the possibility of a complete end is very low. The probability is that the second wave will recur this winter or autumn, and once the outbreak may have occurred at the same time in major cities across the country, it is not previously largely confined to Wuhan and Hubei. The prevention and control of the second wave of attacks is more difficult. 2. Wuhan population, especially young adults, has formed a large number of group immunity, which is mainly reflected in a large number of asymptomatic infected people. With the flow of these young adults to work in the whole country, there is a great potential risk of transmission. Because our country is not comprehensive screening, and can not be screened by the whole people, according to the probability of communication, there are basically at least ten times as many asymptomatic infections that have not been detected behind the asymptomatic infection found. Therefore, do not be confused by the low number of asymptomatic data per day and relax your vigilance. 3, there is no special medicine for novel coronavirus at present! This refers to the highly effective drug specifically aimed at novel coronavirus, not a broad-spectrum antiviral drug. Redsivir is relatively effective in double-blind testing drugs at present, but unfortunately, the third stage of clinical treatment has not achieved targeted and efficient antiviral effect, and special drugs still need to be developed. The propaganda of proprietary Chinese medicine is a national strategy, but we as the people should have a clear understanding! 4. the probability of the vaccine coming on the market this year is very low! Vaccine research and development is a test of the entire national medical personnel, medical research and development hardware, as well as super-large-scale experimental scenarios! The first two aspects of our country are in the forefront of the world, but it is good to be in the top five. The most important thing is that the number of patients in China is reduced and there is a lack of large-scale experimental scenarios. Taken together, the United States and Europe are the most likely to develop vaccines. 5, based on the first four situations, it is best not to travel until the end of this year and next spring! It is necessary to reduce unnecessary contact with the outside world. Old people must wear masks when they go out. Family members should supervise each other to improve their immunity, ensure daily intake of protein, vitamin c, strive to eat eggs, milk, eat beef the next day, and exercise properly. 6. Reduce out dinner, reduce unnecessary public transport, reduce closed space such as elevators (it is better to wait for the next trip or wrong peak when there are many people), and try to keep two meters away from people who come back from outside the country or are not familiar with them. 7, friends try to choose hot food instead of raw food, try to choose a separate meal system such as small hot pot. Try not to meet friends from Hubei or have a history of Hubei tourism. You can express friendship in other ways, but dont take risks. 8. to avoid or reduce investment or lend money to friends to do business, it is highly likely that GDP will grow negatively this year, and the recession will affect at least a year or two. 9, maintain a good state of mind, face carefully, improve risk awareness, maintain wearing masks, wash hands frequently, do not rub your eyes and do not pick your nose!”

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