Lawless Christians

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2 Responses to “Lawless Christians”

  1. ian vincent Says:


    “Lawless” means without law, and yet that very term implies such people are also anti-law, or antinomian. If someone is without law, they are most probably antinomian.

    In the real world we see the coming of the “lawless one” foreshadowed by an antinomian movement.

    Actually, Christian antinomians stress that sin no longer exists.

    Hence I mentioned Joseph Prince, who says the Holy Spirit does not convict of sin, and sin doesn’t need to be confessed.

    And, it’s a part of Universal Reconciliation theology.

    The Pope champions this.

    He sees all people as already reconciled to God, only they don’t know it yet.

    So he speaks to all religions as if they were believers.

    And the new age emergent Christian movement, such as Brian McLaren and Rob Bell, also don’t believe in a Biblical concept of sin and judgment.

    Extreme new agers have said that as the new age dawns everyone must believe that all people are united in God, and the only sin which exists is to not affirm this universality.

    Soon, its true Christians who will be labelled as the enemy.

    Everyone else will embrace a Universalist common human family theology.

    An example of “lawless” Christians would be “gay Christians”, AND… including those who affirm them as Christians.

    So, much of Christendom is already “lawless” and waiting for the “lawless one” to come and lead them.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    What I’ve heard some new age sources say is that there is coming a global awakening of divine consciousness, where every person realized they are divine, and part of one big divine something.

    And…. The only transgressors are those who refuse to acknowledge and affirm the divine on their fellow man..

    These objectors need to be eradicated from society because they are hindering the global awakening, the dawning of the new age.

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