Today’s Tweets

When Jesus saved me He wasn’t concerned about which day I go to church.

Its not about Saturday or Sunday, it’s about Jesus.


Sleeping Christians. See Matthew 25.

It doesn’t mean they’re literally asleep. It means they’re spiritually asleep. Things are happening around them, and they’re blissfully unaware of it. They’re even unaware that they’re asleep.


Godly passion is great and truly the result of knowing God, and yet we also need to be aware of soulish passion, which even good people sometimes self generate in their zeal and enthusiasm.


Every blessing we enjoy is proof of His love for us, but the greatest proof is the Cross.


Heaven should become more desirable, and this world less desirable.


History is so ugly!

Let’s rewrite it according to our narrative so it supports our agenda!



Without Jesus you have no life.

That’s what He taught.





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