Today’s Tweets

When we pray, do we know who we are talking to?


“In Jesus we live, and move, and have our being”


I’ll keep saying this, that as evil explodes in the world, some unbelievers will come to faith, because they’ll say to themselves, “So, evil does actually exist? and therefore God must also exist”.


The righteous will stand for the truth and make it known, as they always do, but that won’t save the country. Its too late for that. It might borrow some time. When the righteous proclaim the truth it’s to save the souls of precious people, it’s not to save the country.


Jesus is the source of life, health, peace and joy – of all the goodness which flows from the Father’s heart.


Desire the same mercy for others which you have received.


Let’s be as intelligent as we need to be – no more, no less.


Spiritual Lightweight, or Spiritual Heavyweight?



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