Today’s Tweets

Why do you live?

Who do you live for?

Live for Jesus.


With the true and living God, every day is Father’s Day……


That’s what Jesus called Him.


“The Bible says men have itching ears, but I have no commission from God to scratch them.”

~ Leonard Ravenhill


Times are changing rapidly, and Liberal “Christians” are now “coming out” more boldly than ever before, and we can call them “Antichrist Christians”, that is, children of the devil who are proud to call themselves Christians.


The “Liberal Gospel” is, “Here is a list of sins which are no longer sins, or, even if they are, Jesus doesn’t mind”.

This is the Liberal “Gospel” in a nutshell (no pun intended).


Trump doesn’t only need to beat Biden, he needs to beat Facebook, Twitter, Google, CNN, BBC, Reuters etc. Let’s see if he can do it, and whether the “silent majority” theory is true.

A Trump win would, itself, be a judgment on the mainstream media, and proof it is fake.

See, if Trump wins it means they weren’t telling the truth, were they?


Will Islam be banned because of this?

Will the Marxists also burn down the Mosques?


“Sociologist Rodney Stark argues that “the fundamental problem facing Muslim theologians vis-à-vis the morality of slavery is that “Muhammad bought, sold, captured, and owned slaves”, and that his followers saw him as the perfect example to emulate.”

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