Today’s Tweets

His glories we proclaim!

Because it’s a shame if people can’t see who Jesus is.


True Christians follow Jesus Christ.


Faith is confidence in the works of God, in Christ Jesus. Confidence in what God says and does.

Unbelief is confidence in the works of man. Confidence in what man says and does.


Every day we make a judgment as to how worthy Jesus is.

The world judges Him unworthy. That is, not worth it.


When we pray let’s check if we’re praying with faith.

See James 1:6-8.


To the modern Christian:

How can a “Christian” who makes a mockery of Jesus’ teaching lecture other Christians about “love”?

Or claim to love Him?


The word “prayer” might conjure up all kinds of cultural or religious thoughts, and yet the Bible concept of prayer is a constant communication and fellowship with God.


For how many decades has school curriculum pushed Left-wing values and mocked Conservative values?

And yet Conservatives can and do still win?

Which tells us there are enough free thinkers left, and not everyone can be so easily brainwashed by what they “learned” at school.

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