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Every day is one day closer.


“Sin would be less attractive if it’s wages were paid instantly.”  (Unknown)


“Some Americans will never appreciate America, until after they have helped destroy it, and have then begun to suffer the consequences.”

“Many of the words and phrases used in the media and among academics suggest that things simply happen to people, rather than being caused by their own choices or behavior.”

~ Thomas Sowell


Good news from the Cultural Revolution!

Hollywood is banning all movies and television with the J or C word, or sex scenes, so as not to offend Christians.

Producers are sincerely sorry if any Christians were offended.   😀


I would love to be able to give you hope, but you’ll need to get it from where we all get it….

…..from Jesus, alone.


The power of prayer…

And the power of God…

Go hand in hand.


Jesus can give you a new beginning, today.

This is His specialty.


“Cultural Revolution Censorship”

Part of the Marxist playbook.

And anyone with any kind of morality must be a “Dissident” in Orwellian America.


I can understand why Democrats want to tear down Abe Lincoln’s statue – a Republican, freeing the slaves. It doesn’t fit the Left’s narrative, so down it comes. If history bothers you, just rewrite it, eh.


Some people ask, Where is God?

Well, if He is not influencing your heart and mind, and governing your thought life, and your speech and actions, then who is?

Or, are you just doing it by yourself?


Left-wing logic #3256

If you criticize the actions of someone of your own skin shade that’s okay.

If you are a Conservative and you criticize the actions of someone with a different skin shade then you are a racist.

If you are Left-wing and you criticize the actions of someone with a different skin shade then you are not racist.

Now say after me: Yes, master! I will obey!   😀


Even if there were such a thing as a “great” Christian, he or she wouldn’t be aware of it.


Just one of the signs we are filled with the love of Christ is we daily pray specifically for a number of people by name, bearing their burdens, and pleading as one voice together with them.

“The backslider in heart will be filled with his own ways,

Proverbs 14:14a


When “BABYLON THE GREAT” is no longer great then its time is up. (See Rev. 17:5)

I believe the Babylon of Revelation 17 and 18 is understood by the term “mystery Babylon”, which means it is not simple to define.

It is defined spiritually.

In essence, it represents a counterfeit to true Christianity, as seen in the symbolism of an immoral woman.

The faithful church is called a bride.

The compromising church is called a prostitute.

Historically, the epicenter of this has been the city of Rome.

But it grew to encompass much more than Rome.

America has been the main source of immoral influence in the world, both by false teachers, and by Hollywood.

AND…  it’s perceived as a Christian nation.

Basically, no other nation fits the description.

I would think that the destruction of Babylon is twofold: both the end of America AND the end of the Roman Catholic Church.


Remove the truth of Jesus Christ and anything is possible, the sky is the limit to the savagery and barbarism that’s possible.

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