Today’s Tweets

We ask ourselves, With the things we are doing, are we doing it for the Lord, or for ourselves?


I don’t believe in baptismal regeneration, but I do believe Jesus was right when He commanded us to be baptized, and I don’t trust a professing Christian who openly defies Jesus’ command.


The FHS (fake holy spirit) is there to lead people to the Fake Jesus, a demonic counterfeit of the REAL Jesus.


Prayer for a friend:

“Open his heart so he can hear your Voice.”


How does God deal with His enemies?

It’s frightening, actually.


The mind can’t comprehend how much God has done for man.

But it can comprehend how much man has done for God.

Nothing much, really, in comparison.


Most of the great leaders of history thought they were right.

But it turned out they were wrong.

Nothing has changed.


An Atheist is standing before God’s Judgment Throne and he’s thinking, “Woahh!!! THIS is what all that Bible stuff was about!”.


Billions of people have been born, lived and died, and most have been forgotten.

But God knows every one of them.

And He knows you.


When a vital truth needs to be told AND it means you may lose the friendship, better to lose the friendship than be unfaithful to God.


One of the many definitions of the Kingdom of God is that it’s the things arranged by God, and not man, or the devil.


This world is passing away, and the new world will be a lot better, the only question is, Will you be there?


Heaven and eternity is infinitely more exciting than anything on earth.



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