Today’s Tweets

Harassing or defaming someone simply because they support an elected President should be seen in the eyes of the law as the same as any other discrimination, whether racial, religious or otherwise.


In the created world, nothing is there by accident.


What a weight off our shoulders to know that we didn’t write the Bible. 😀


Satan impersonates Jesus.

So, don’t let those impersonations be the basis for your perception of who Jesus is.


If you don’t have any role model, at least you have Jesus, the only true role model.


Personally, I believe it’s antisemitic NOT to support the Israelis in prayer, when we consider the devil wants to wipe them off the face of the earth. It’s like a prejudice against God for bringing them back to the Land He gave them.


Telling the world, Just stop it! …doesn’t work.

Gotta get to the root.


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