Today’s Tweets

When a person gets born again by God, what happens is that their dead spirit is given life, raised from the dead, because God’s Spirit comes in and does that, in our innermost being, and then our new born again spirit is joined to God’s Holy Spirit in such an incredible way. We don’t become divine, but we are joined to the divine. Christ lives in us, by the Spirit. Our spirit is joined to His. And from this reality we then live our life by faith.


Jesus Christ made access for all to come to God by dying for all.


No amount of good we do today can erase the evil we’ve done.

It took the death of God’s Son, and the shedding of His blood to delete our sin.

But we have to believe that.


The Kingdoms of this world – each one is like a House of Cards.


God loves equity. Everyone should be treated equally under the law. But that is very rare in this present world.


Defund politicians who’ve become rich through politics.


Even the greatest thing in this world is only an illusion compared with Jesus Christ.


Godly wisdom is so overarching in its nature that if you have it you have everything.


From a Biblical perspective, being filled with the Holy Spirit is known and understood by what pours out of our heart and life. “Out of your innermost being will flow rivers of living water”.

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