Today’s Tweets

Someone says to Jesus, “I believe you!”


“You talk to Jesus as if he is right there with you!!”

Well, yeah…


If one believes Jesus hears their prayer then they must be believing He is God, because if He were not God then He couldn’t hear their prayer.


The finality of God’s judgment should scare the willies out of you, because if you’re not right with Him, and He takes your life today, then it’s final, there is no appeal heard, forever.


Disdain for His words… ??

Be careful, friend.

And certainly don’t deny it, it only makes it worse.


Jesus called…

And we followed.


If we’re not seeking God the way we aught, it’s because we’re seeking something else.


Be careful of any so-called spiritual leader who tries to make you dependent on them, because this is the antithesis of true ministry, which causes people to become dependent on Jesus.


The “power of suggestion” is the stock in trade for con-artist evangelists, prophets and fortune tellers.

In court it’s called “leading a witness” by asking leading questions:

“Now you can feel something spiritual happening to you ! Right?”

It’s the classic way to manipulate people toward a desired outcome.


We can’t trust Jesus if we don’t obey Him.

And we can’t obey Him unless we trust Him.


It’s always a blessing to see someone care for another’s soul.


Christian, treat your sin as seriously as if it were cancer.

That is, you want it out. You don’t want even a tiny bit of malignant tumor left, it all has to go.

Of course, cancer can only kill the body, so it’s not as dangerous.


As Christians, we want to think of friendship in terms of forever, because this is the reality.


To the depressed Christian, consider that joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, so, if you don’t have this fruit then find out why you don’t have it.


Do whatever good and righteous things it takes to get you where you want to be in your Christian life, to be the kind of person you want to be.   “Be doers of the Word, and not hearers only…”


How much does the Lord desire that men turn from evil and turn to Him?


Biblically speaking, supporting evil, or denying that evil is evil, is the same as committing it, in the sight of God.

.Liberal “Christians” support evil, so it’s the same as doing it. The punishment will be the same.



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