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People’s souls are worth fighting for. Wasn’t yours?


A nominal, traditional Christian has heard enough of the Bible for their conscience to be troubled to some extent, but they’ve not received a new, pure conscience.


It’s a sublime thought that God already knows what people will choose by their free will.  It’s a given and easy to comprehend that He knows what He will do, but it’s amazing that He knows what people will do, and this is what the Bible teaches.

He is greater than we can imagine.


Gone are the days when facts were facts and opinions were opinions, now, opinions are facts, and it’s very confusing having so many strange “facts” floating around, and it’s the ones who can convince that their opinions are actually facts who will rule, so they need a big mouth and a violent disposition to keep pushing their opinion until it becomes fact.


People don’t know the danger they’re in while they’re unsaved.


When someone gets saved it’s the greatest thing that ever happens on this planet.


We have two appearances: How we look to other people, and how we look in God’s eyes.


Is there good money to be made if you call yourself Apostle Miracle Jones and do live videos rabbiting on to total strangers how they are going to have a financial breakthrough this month? The huge number of these wackos suggests there could be a dollar in it.





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