Today’s Tweets

If we’re not seeking God with all our heart, we’re consigning ourselves to irrelevance.


If we seek our own glory we get nothing. It’s not a good deal.


Faith and repentance are two sides of the same coin because we are coming to a real Person, the Lord Jesus Christ, and because salvation is a relationship to Him.


The rioting and destruction is a political statement by which you’re supposed to understand that Joe Biden is a good person and Donald Trump is an evil person.

Presumably, the riots are to influence the November election, so, if you really want to lose, then carry on.


God is love, and He is the only source of this most precious commodity.


For the nominal “Christian”, his troubled conscience determines his actions, he’s always trying to appease a condemning conscience, but a true Christian lives from right relationship to God through Jesus Christ, from a pure conscience


In the world it is quite normal that an individual doesn’t care for anyone except themselves.


Who wants to be the puppet of their flesh?


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