Today’s Tweets

If the Holy Spirit of God in you is joyful, will that have an effect upon you?


The greatest manifestation of evil on the earth today is the Liberal-Progressive fake Christian.


Jesus Christ is the single most loved AND hated Man in history. If you hate His truth, or His people, you despise Him.


Responding to the Mars 2020 program, I wish they would scrap the whole thing and use that money to feed starving people on this planet.


The church is the body of Christ from every nation, it is the people of God, it is the sum of all who have responded to the Truth, who have heard Jesus’ call and responded to Him, and He is coming back for this people, His own.


The only hope to be freed from idolatry is that our eyes are opened to see the idol for what it truly is: just a worthless idol.


It’s “Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God”, not, IF you have time later.


The spirit of antichrist is the substitute spirit for the true Holy Spirit.

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