Possible scenario for the Beast

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2 Responses to “Possible scenario for the Beast”

  1. ian vincent Says:

    Revelation 20:4 mentions that the Beast/Antichrist will have the non-compliant beheaded.

    And Revelation 17 and 18 allude to the Beast/Antichrist destroying that which represents false Christianity by getting 10 nations together in unity under his power.

    Now, is there any religion you know of which does beheading AND also happens to hate Christians (whether they be true or false)?

    And this religion has become “cool” with Liberal Progressives around the world.

    Obama positively swooned over it, yet “apparently” (or supposedly) not enough to actually become one.

    ( – You have such a great religion!

    – If you don’t believe it to be true, why do you call it “great”? )

    The Islamic expectation of the Imam Mahdi, and the return of the Islamic version of “Jesus” could be pivotal in the Islamic world thinking the Beast is the Imam Mahdi, or Jesus.

    Much of Christendom now believes that the Kingdom of God will gradually fill the whole earth and then Jesus will come.

    Fits the Beast exactly.

    We could see the present popes relationship with Islam as a picture of the harlot riding the Beast (Revelation 17).

    And perhaps unaware of what the Beast is going to do to the harlot.

    (Which will be God’s judgment on the harlot)

    If the Beast arises from Islam, then it could be feasible that the destruction of “Babylon ” (Rev 17, 18) is ultimately the taking out of “the great satan ” of America, and Rome (the perceived headquarters of Christianity).

    America would be the “prize” and a great symbolic victory of “good over evil” within the Islamic mindset.

    But the 10 nations which destroy Babylon are not necessarily Islamic, they yield their authority to the Beast.

    Kind of how nations are beginning to yield their authority to the UN.

    Now Biden is doing the compulsory swoon over Islam.

    Such love!

    And such palpable hatred for followers of Jesus.

    On the issue of “beheading” in Revelation 20, its interesting to note that the Roman Empire only beheaded their citizens, and Christians were rarely executed by beheading, as that would have been a comparatively “easy” death than the more cruel ways they had.

    It is just one of many points which rules out this passage having been already fulfilled.

  2. ian vincent Says:

    Not saying emphatically that this will be the way it us.

    Im of the “wait and see” approach to verses such as this.

    Though, I know that many are psychologically unhinged, and will say I’m making predictions.

    No. Just discussing God’s word.

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