Today’s Tweets

If a Christian is not deceived then that’s a great thing in these times. We can pray especially for the younger guys that they won’t be deceived.


A Christian who is not seeking God with all his heart is, to some extent, deceived.


The Good News is bad news to those who hate what’s good.

They won’t think it’s good, they’ll think it’s evil.

Jesus said don’t cast your pearls before swine.


Christian, sin destroys fellowship with God and His people. Sin destroys love.


Certain groups are demanding their “right” to infringe on other’s rights. So it’s leading to tyranny.


One of Jesus’ great commands to His disciples is to preach the Good News.

This generation seeks knowledge, seeks personal growth and personal fulfillment, MORE than seeking to preach the Good News.

I know Christians who seem to be seeking the things of God, but this great command seems to mean nothing to them.

So they never find what they’re seeking.

They are not giving.

They are only looking to receive

But only the giver is blessed.

Christianity is on HIS terms, not ours.

If you’re a true Christian would you really be content to bury your talent in the ground and be like everyone else?



A little kindness is such a great thing and so it goes a long way.

How far can a little mercy go in this cold world?


We belong to Heaven, not this present world.


We share the word of God with the prayer and expectation that the Holy Spirit will speak and write it in people’s hearts and minds.


Eternity is forever and ever. Endless.

But not many are interested.



A true friend rejoices in your success and feels your pain.

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