Today’s Tweets

Friend, if you knew that today was your last day and by tomorrow you would be dead, would you get right with God and believe Jesus?


‘Do you really think that just like that God is going to forgive you for everything you’ve done?!!’

Yep. He already has.


Jesus asked a disciple, Do you love me more than you love anyone (or anything) else?

Good question for us all.


Replied to a cultist:


If God wants or requires everyone to be a vegetarian then why did Jesus eat meat? And why didn’t He teach people to become vegetarians? Why didn’t He mention it even once? And why is it that nowhere in the Bible is vegetarianism taught or commanded? And why is there no record of anyone in the New Testament being a vegetarian?


Because death is not the end, and it’s only the beginning, it means we all need to get right with God.


Replied to a Progressive:

Would you say your opinion on morality is a higher spiritual authority than the Bible?


God’s elect cry out day and night to Him.

(Luke 18:7)


A prayer:

Turn his/her heart from evil.


With those I’m in contact with in cults, it’s clear that what drew them into the cult was a feeling of elitist spiritual superiority, and the cult fed and nurtured that delusion.


In cults, the “fellowship” they experience is fellowship with demons, but they think it is God.


Is your heart overflowing?


Your only hope is you’ll be born of God before you die.


In every significant thing a Christian does he cannot separate the natural from the spiritual.


Heaven and God’s Throne is very real for those who love Jesus. They are always before His throne of grace.


If God decides a certain person should be the King, even if the opposition tries every dirty trick in the book to prevent that they won’t succeed.

Christians believe God is Sovereign over the nations.


In God’s Court there will be no chance of appeal.

Appeal now!

The ADVOCATE is Jesus.


The love of Jesus desires the salvation of others and does something about it.


Where does the money come from to fund social programs if not from capitalists?


Progressives like to do things which the Bible says will land them in Hell, so, they figure, then, that if they choose to believe Hell doesn’t exist then they can safely continue on with their lifestyle, because, to them, the existence of Hell depends solely on whether one believes it exists.


Jesus is very STRONG.

Let’s get our strength from Him.

In fact, let’s get everything from Him.


Hello, I’m Barak Obama, and firstly I want to offer my deepest sympathy and empathy for the families of the murdered, and to those who have been beaten up, and to those who have lost everything through the violence of our political supporters….


Someone injected him with truth serum??

The DNC had not a single word of condemnation for all the murders, assaults, looting and arson THEIR SUPPORTERS have been carrying out.

They are morally bankrupt.

Smiling savages in suits.

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