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“Nothing between my soul and my Savior…”


If you truly have life, that’s the Holy Spirit in you giving you life. Otherwise you would be dead in your sins.


Have supreme confidence Jesus Christ will do what He said He will do.


Those who remain after what needs to be said is said, that’s the true church.

So never hold back saying what needs to be said.


If we receive and appreciate the forgiveness of our sins in Christ Jesus then how could we refuse to repent of them?


When I was growing up the world I lived in was a far better place than now, and this highlights the difference between Conservative and Liberal values.


If we’re filled with the Holy Spirit, then, potentially,  it’s possible He can do through us anything which He is capable of doing and willing to do.

Which is mind blowing.



“If logic and reason were any way to win an argument, the divorce rate would drop by 90%.”


When forming an opinion of others we should keep in mind that we also will have to one day give an account of ourselves to God.


After being with Jesus the true value of things becomes clear.


Church SHOULD be (but usually isn’t) the greatest thing going in all the earth because it is the Assembling of the saints – the body of Christ coming together under her living Head, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Anything greater than that happening on the earth?


In the light of dire prophecies or visions being mentioned concerning the next 12 months in America, even if it is true, what are you going to do about it in practical terms?

As there have been dates and months mentioned then we will know by next year if these are true or false visions.

But, anyway, until then, be watchful, prayerful, holy, diligent and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.


Jesus is the highest political office. The Bible says He rules over the Kings of the earth (Rev. 1:5).


True Christians belong to one holy nation (1 Peter 2:9) The Olive Tree (Romans 11) and The True Vine (John 15)…

….Therefore, as members of the Commonwealth of Israel (Ephesians 2:12) we need to be concerned about what goes on ANYWHERE where our people are living.


So glad the Bible is unambiguous about Christian conduct.


In my opinion, vote on education policy alone. Save the kids from the sick sexual indoctrination. You owe it to them.


If one of the kids turns out bad then to blame the parents would be like blaming Jesus for Judas.


If the devil has been working in you, remember Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.


Just an observation as to where the world has come to, is that no one is going to care what you do, or what you think or say.

So, in light of this, many also don’t care what they do, think or say.

They don’t care because no one else cares.


To truly serve Jesus, in Spirit and Truth, is to be satisfied.

Serving anyone or anything else, or serving yourself, will never satisfy.


“BLM activists force diners in a restaurant to raise their fists in solidarity”

If you have any backbone at all you could get beaten up.

That’s okay.

Freedom is worth being beaten up for.


If you observe the Sabbath as one under the Old Covenant Law then you are not lawfully permitted to do most of the things you do on Saturdays.

Even driving to church would be to break the Sabbath.

Sabbath is never taught for Gentile Christians in the New Testament.


Jesus said to “make disciples”.

Here we can trip over the use of language.

Let me explain.

Who made you a disciple of Jesus?

Give their name, and the exact moment in time they “made” you a disciple?

Any answer to that?

Or, give a list of people who credit you as being the one who “made” them a disciple?

You might say, Jesus made me His disciple, and various people played a role in that and were instruments of the Lord.

So keep holding forth the Word of Life and serving and interceding for folk, and you are surely “making” disciples, even if you get no credit for what you do.

Certainly don’t try and claim any credit.


In the traditional Christian church mindset, oftentimes, “spiritual” means to be disconnected from the realities of life.


How would you describe your relationship to God?


How would God describe your relationship to Him?


No need to wonder, it’s all in the Bible.


How much is freedom of speech under threat in today’s world?

When freedom of speech is curtailed you know where that leads, and it’s not good.


There’s people who have everything this world has to offer, but soon they will have nothing except misery forever.


We take Jesus Christ as seriously as we take His words.


Is there anyone so wicked that you would refuse to pray for mercy for them?


On the days I don’t post it’s usually due to having no internet connection. These days, over 24 hours, perhaps for 1 hour in total the internet is working, and then very slow.

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