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We’re heading toward a scenario where everyone will be considered a member of one big global corporation, and there will be a CEO, and you will have no choice.


Joy is more than feeling happy.

It is the spiritual power arising from communion with God, in Christ Jesus.


No spiritual clones.

Find your voice in God.


“A creature revolting against a creator is revolting against the source of his own powers. – C.S. Lewis


Someone says, Only God can judge!

Yes, but the person who rejects God has already judged themselves and determined their own judgment and fate.

They don’t need to wait until they die to find out what God’s judgment is for them, they can find out now by reading the Bible.

To say what God’s word says about people who reject God is not to pass judgment on them, it’s to declare the judgment God has already justly passed on all such people. It’s nothing to do with us judging anyone.

God will judge them in the same measure they judged God.


The biggest hoax and the biggest scam of all time is people pretending God doesn’t exist and that the Bible isn’t true. A lot of people have been suckered by this scam.


It’s policy that matters, not the personality.


Hate doesn’t have a future.

No, it’s not the people with moral values who are the “haters”, as Liberals have tried to paint the picture.

It’s those who have a burning hatred for good people who are the haters.



“Black lives do not matter more than any other lives.”


It’s quite a thing when a person who believes in mythological stories or beings considers the facts about Jesus to be ridiculous.


When God came down to this earth in the form of a Man this world couldn’t understand Him, or didn’t want to understand Him.

How about you?


A true Christian can never justify hatred, and they won’t, even though some will interpret what they say as hatred because they don’t like what they’re saying, like the rage some criminals have when they get caught.

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