Today’s Tweets

Peace in the Middle East is obviously better than violence, but scripture warns of a false peace, and not to naively think that such deals mean permanent safety and security for the Jewish people.


Earthly enemies are NOTHING compared to having God as your enemy.


God’s perfect justice is what you need to be worried about.

It’s why you need Jesus Christ.


“Hey! You’re judging them!”

Noooo! What they’re doing is clearly condemned by God in scripture.

It’s THEY who are judging God.


God is a being but not a creature.

He is an eternal being, with no beginning or end.

We, His creatures, can accept this amazing fact simply by coming to terms with the majesty and scale of the creation He has created, which proves He is a being whose power is beyond comprehension and therefore He is in a class of His own.


With crime, the skin color of the perpetrator or the victim SHOULD be irrelevant.


If you were to die and go to Hell today could you truthfully claim that no one warned you?


You never cease being loved by God.

But that’s not the whole story.

Even though He loves you, if you don’t repent He will condemn you.

Because if we don’t repent it means we’ve rejected His amazing love, and thus we deserve His righteous judgment.


Prayer is our connection to the Throne of God.

Let’s stay connected.


The more we grow to know Jesus the more He will teach us to love all people, and correct us if we don’t.


How many more murders do you need to commit in order to convince enough people that Trump is evil?


We can only understand as much as we’re willing to.


Faith is always a judgment of God.

Do we judge Him as faithful?

True faith makes a true assessment or judgment of God’s nature and qualities, and appreciates and acknowledges the truth of who Jesus is, pushing back against a world of lies which attack this true faith.


In the cases where justice is not done in this present world, Jesus Christ will see to it when He comes.


How much spiritual authority do your opinions on morality carry?


The new name for Christians will be “Enemy of the State”.


We’re living in Bible days.


It’s not so simple living in a democracy as it was living under a dictatorship, which the early church lived under.

Because any statements believers make about right and wrong, good or evil, will have political implications.

If we say abortion is murder, that’s both Kingdom AND political.

If we reject sexual indoctrination in schools that’s both Kingdom AND political at the same time.


Jesus taught that we will all one day give an account to Him for every word, thought and action.

Get right with Him today.


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