Today’s Tweets

Churches which don’t have open discussion or public questioning of the preacher/teacher/speaker have an unspoken message: ‘You don’t need to think’.


“…. That the living may know
That the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and
Gives it to whomever He will,
And sets over it the lowest of men.’ “

Daniel 4:17b


When something has two sides to it, it’s better to see both sides.


There’s a woman in America who claims she is the Messiah, and it’s both funny and sad to read the comments, which are like it’s no big deal she  thinks she is the Messiah, like, I mean, who are we to judge?


The things we value should be worth valuing.


When you pray for someone’s salvation what is at stake?

The stakes are very high.

A person’s life hangs in the balance.


Are you free?

Surely the question only makes sense in relation to God.


If we’re not seeking God with all our heart it’s indicative there’s something wrong inside, something missing.


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