Today’s Tweets

How we treat our spouse when there’s no one else around is one indicator of where we are spiritually.


It’s a bit foolish to mock another Christian over their interpretation of a difficult text if you readily admit you have no idea what it means.


Liberal-Progressive is now the default setting for any “Christian” who is not born again, not saved.



“New progressivism is really the old paganism”.


Don’t let other’s personal problems shape your personality.

Don’t let wacko or twisted stuff going on in Christianity shape your theology.


With the exception of the life of Jesus, the Holocaust is arguably the most significant event in history.


He who talks more than he thinks doesn’t have much substance to what he says.


Who can compare to Jesus Christ?

He is incomparable.


Whatever your sins, they need to be washed away by the Blood of the sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ.


Orwellian style leaders have that certain smug sense of privilege as if they had a divine entitlement.


The present leadership of Israel are not born again so don’t understand what they’re getting themselves into with the peace deals, as it’s like being generously given a nice bundle of rope, but not realizing they want to hang you with it later. But be sure every word of God shall be fulfilled.


If you support the murder of people, what does that make you?


We who follow Jesus Christ are a supernatural people.

The spiritual is supernatural in nature.


Every day is wonderful in the Lord Jesus, even the bad days.


Essentially, humanity only has one problem.



“Apostle Sam sees it from God’s perspective!”

  • How do you know he is an Apostle?

“Can’t you read? He is APOSTLE Sam!”

  • Who made him an Apostle?

“God did!”

  • So, did God say to him, ‘I hereby make you an Apostle, so start calling yourself Apostle Sam!” ?

“Who are we to question a true Apostle?”

Here’s what happened.

Sam was sitting in his study one day contemplating on how he has a better understanding of the Bible and spiritual things than all others, then he got a revelation that he is an Apostle, which explains his superior knowledge, so, he reasoned, no one will know I’m an Apostle if I don’t start telling them, so he started telling everyone that he is an Apostle, and before long, a large number of followers came online, 90% of them women, and most of them not saved, but putting their hope in the Apostle, because, after all, how could an Apostle be wrong?

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