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The Holy Spirit is God the Holy Spirit, not just a spirit, but God.

So if the Holy Spirit dwells in you why can’t He bless every aspect of your life?


If we’re taught by God we’re taught to think conceptually.

God doesn’t do rote learning.


Don’t get jaded or disillusioned so that you no longer listen to the Holy Spirit or expect Him to work mightily in people.


Repost from September 5, 2015

All false teaching prepares and conditions people to accept the antichrist when he comes, and all true teaching prepares people to meet Jesus when He comes. There is no neutrality. A people are being prepared to worship the antichrist, and a people are being prepared to reign for eternity with Jesus. These are the two spiritual streams today, it’s one or the other. In any church, one or the other is happening, but never both.


Does the truth pierce your heart?

Or does it just kind of bounce off?


Have you reserved your apartment in the New Jerusalem?

Hurry, limited time offer.


Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

One God.

No other God.

“gods” are not God.


If you’re not a man of God, what kind of man are you?


The only chance for anyone to be clean before God is for Jesus to wash them from their sins in His own Blood.


For all eternity when we look at Jesus we will notice the holes in His wrists and the scars on His brow, and we will remember the pit He lifted us out of.


The devil deals in illusion.

Jesus deals in glorious eternal reality.


What value do you place on YOUR soul?

Will you throw it away for something worthless?


Certain political leaders want their supporters to loot and burn the property of innocent people, but they might be a little upset if it was their property?

Why not offer their own house to the rioters and let them burn it down as a kind of symbolic sacrificial offering to show they’re really committed to the cause?

Or why don’t they get out there and join in the rioting and lead by example, leading the comrades into battle?

But why should they when there’s enough idiots to do it for them?



“Never forget, the problem is sin, not skin.”


“What about that money preacher??”

Very soon you will forget such people ever lived.

The great trib is going to hit.


During the Roman Catholic Inquisition, when they would burn people at the stake for saying that faith alone in Jesus saves, did you ever think why crowds of Christians came to watch the poor guy being burned alive but NO ONE screamed out, “Stop! This is wrong!” ?

If you were there would you have tried to do something?

It shows the iron grip that cult had over peoples minds, chained to superstition and fear.


Do you remember what it was like before you got saved?


The power to say YES to Jesus Christ and NO to the devil, the flesh and the world. This is the choice.


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