Today’s Tweets

The Olympic director said Tokyo will go ahead “with or without Covid”.

That’s the spirit.

Covid is here to stay.

Vaccines may only have limited benefit.

HCQ Zelenko Protocol has proven very effective.

Life must go on with or without Covid.

Lobby for reopening, maintaining responsible protocols.


Considering all that’s going down in the world right now it seems Democracy has become too messy, too complicated, too litigated, too contentious, to the point of no longer being viable, and there’s being a vacuum created for a Dictator to fill – it’s as if all this is to prepare the way for him.

Democracy was a gift, and man judged himself unworthy of it.


It’s about JESUS, it’s not about anyone else.

This will save us from a lot of trouble, danger, futility, or from wasting our time.


If we’re too busy for God we’re fools, and we’re nothing.


Liberal friend, are you absolutely certain that nothing is absolutely certain?


The creation is good because its Creator is good.


Face to face with your Creator.


God has to shake the world so people no longer put their trust in the things of the world, and shake world religions to the core to expose the shakey ground they’re built on. But, ultimately, only a minority will repent.

(See Hebrews 12:25-29)


Every person deals with their sin in some manner.

They either repent of it.

Or they deny it, excuse it, justify it or approve it.


Christian, if you glorify yourself by claiming to be some exalted person it only proves that you aren’t what you claim to be.


“Hello, I’m a best selling Christian author, and I’ve made 10 million dollars selling God’s word, and I live in a mansion, and have every possible luxury and convenience, and, you know, I was thinking about writing a book on Christian suffering…..”


If you live for yourself you’re not a part of the church, even though you may go to church.


If you find some real friends you’ve found church.


No amount of “positive confessions”, “declarations” or “prophetic decrees” into the atmosphere will stop the time of the Great Tribulation rolling in right on time.


Those who don’t accept the God of the Bible always end up creating their own tailor-made god they’ve imagined.


Peace Deals

Negotiating peace with someone who is negotiating with you so that he can ultimately destroy you is foolish.


Jesus’ return will be the best thing that can happen for a follower, and the worst thing that can happen for everyone else.


Whatever people do or fail to do has no effect at all upon whether the Bible is true.

It would be like saying the laws of nature depend on how many people believe them to be true.


Pray the Jews will know their true King.

You know His name.

It’s very well known.

It’s always mentioned in Hollywood movies.


I agree political fixation is one of many fixations these days.

On the other hand, if I devote 5 minutes out of 24 hours to commenting on a political issue/s there are some who are bound to say I’m fixated on it.

Or I might get reported to the spiritual police.. 😁

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