Today’s Tweets

We can’t save ourselves.

Someone else has to save us.

There’s only one Person who can do that.

Do you know who that Person is?


By what authority do you speak?

How do you know the things you believe are true?

Did someone tell you?

How do they know it’s true?

Did you pick up your beliefs from an external source, or are they something you have independently deducted?

And if your beliefs are your own creation, how do you know they are true?


It’s repentance or ruin.

There’s our options.


On Judgment Day:

“Oooh! I thought it was a religious thing!!! How stupid I was!!!”


Bible prophecy is all about HOPE for the faithful, and WARNING for the disobedient.

That’s why people either love it or hate it, depending on where they stand with God.


This whole idea that the leader of a nation has to be a perfect person, the perfect gentleman who says all the right things on cue when he’s expected to say them etc. is a stupid idea.

It’s a stupid concept because it distracts from what really matters, POLICY.


God is mysterious to man because He is infinite and exceedingly awesome, while man is made from the dust, so his comprehension of his Creator and Redeemer is limited, BUT God is NOT mysterious where it matters to man – His promises in Jesus Christ are not mysterious, they are as plain as day, and everything He said will happen will happen just as He said.


Do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ cares for you?



“Pure love sees no color.”


The wonders of creation are there to make us wonder about the One who made them.


The Holy Spirit who lives in you came from Heaven.

And He’s going to take you back home with Him.


Father, have mercy on my friend, just as you had mercy on me.


Now, who would want to hijack democracy?

Your local friendly fascists.


False prophets exalt themselves, then, when questioned, either deny they are exalting themselves, or justify it.


Some people see Jesus Christ as a threat to their happiness.


Imagine a society where a riot is not a threat but a prayer meeting is a serious threat.

A society threatened by prayer…..


Could you imagine a scenario where Conservatives go out killing and looting because they lost the election?

But that’s what the Dems have been doing.

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