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The sheer wonder that God would become a Man so He could be crucified in my place.


If we want to be revived we simply need to come to the Reviver.



“The towers didn’t fall on their own, and the thousands of Americans didn’t just die. They were murdered by terrorists believing an ideology of radical Islam. This is part of the history that we must teach, so that we never forget.” unquote

The reason the motives, ideology and identity of the perpetrators has been erased from the school curriculum is, itself, an ideological war by Liberal-Progressives, pushing their own wacko ideology.


Only a generation ago a supposedly civilized nation rounded up everyone of the “wrong” race and sent them to the gas chambers.

THAT was racism.

Now, the irrational hatred the Left has for Trump and Conservative Christians seems to be going the same route.

To be hated for your beliefs is no different than being hated for your skin color.


If you can show me something better than God, be my guest.


There’s always been fighting over who owns the earth and who owns the people.

This will only be settled when Jesus returns.


It becomes complicated when people recreate Jesus into a Jesus after their own image.

God made man in His image.

Rebellious man then turns around and makes a false god in his own image.


“The only time government may be legitimately disobeyed is when it commands something contrary to the law of God, or forbids something commanded by it.”

  • John MacArthur (2015)

Agreed in principle, but the devil is in the detail.

If for your institutional church to function you need to abide by laws and bylaws of a locality then what happens if the council turns against you and starts putting restrictions, such as statutes concerning numbers of people, fire and safety regulations, vehicle access regulations, or even non-discriminatory employment laws?

If you break these laws you will be penalised.

So, if you do the crime, you do the time, even if you don’t think it’s a crime, and it’s not a crime according to God’s word.

If it really comes down to it, and it’s necessary, Christians should stand together and say, Arrest us all.



“Just keep telling the truth.”


From an historical perspective current western culture is quite surreal.

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