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The Father wants to bring His sons to a place where they hate evil as He hates evil, so they abstain from evil because it is something they find hateful and abhorrent, and not merely to avoid punishment or loss of benefits.


Tell me which government is able to control what people think and feel?

If people harbour racist thoughts in their mind, tell me which laws can change that?

Or are some people looking to government as if it were some kind of religion?


We plead for mercy for folks because we recieved mercy.


To the SDA:

Does your righteousness come from Saturdays or from the shed blood of Jesus Christ?


If you’re not saved is it because you don’t feel you need to be?

If you feel you don’t need to be saved because you think you are a good person then isn’t that self-righteousness?


If Joe were to walk through some inner city blocks without his security he would probably be mugged by one of his supporters.


The Bible says Jesus always existed with the Father, the Father sent Him into the world to be born as a Man with God as His Father, to live a sinless life, to declare the mighty love of God through compassionately healing and delivering those possessed by demons, by teaching the love of God as the fulfillment of God’s law, and by suffering, shedding His Blood and dying as THE ONE MAN FOR ALL MEN.


He accomplished that completely and was dead for three days, then God raised Him to proclaim and confirm to the world that everything Jesus said and promised was true, and to make Him the supreme authority, King of Kings and Lord of Lords….. the only Savior.


When a political party lies they always make a calculated risk, they have to try and estimate how much of the population are stupid enough to believe it.


All the devil needs to do to take over your life completely is to convince you that sin is not sin.


The greatest love is when someone tells us the truth we need to hear.


Nearly saved means still lost.

I guess there’s people in Hell today saying, ‘Well, I nearly got saved’.

So near, and yet so far.


A particular government can’t save a rebellious nation, but it can perhaps slow down the rate of self-destruction, put some curbs on evil, and make life a little more bearable and safer for righteous people.

See 1 Timothy 2:1-3


What we believe about Jesus Christ IS our faith.

Our life today will represent what we believe about Him.

That’s living by faith.


With money preachers it’s money that defines their life. That’s all they have. They have nothing.

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