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For those who love God, their future is in His hands.


There’s something creepy about someone claiming to be a spiritual leader or wanting to be a leader.

Like, “Hello, I am your leader!”.

Yes, desire to be an elder, but not a leader.

A leader is someone who leads.

Do you want someone to lead you?

Then find a leader.

A Biblical elder won’t lead you. He will help you but he won’t be your leader.

Look at 1 Corinthians 14, which gives us a window into how first century churches functioned, and can you see someone leading what is described there?

No way.

Elders were present to oversee, but they were not leading the meeting.


Errant forms of Christianity often give the unrepentant a false sense of security.


“Pedophilia on its way to being recognized as a protected lifestyle.” unquote

Any Dems with the moral authority to stop this?

Maybe not.


All our trust is in you, Lord.


When Christians are into kooky stuff, they don’t think it’s kooky.


What can Jesus do with an illiterate fisherman?

Have a look.


Nasty little Dems


“Such evil. In what is being called an ambush attack, a man approached an LA County sheriff patrol car and opened fire on the two officers inside. Both were shot in the head and are hospitalized, fighting for their lives. One deputy is a 24 yr-old man and the other is a 31 yr-old woman with a 6 yr-old son.

But that’s not all. Anti-police protesters blocked the entrance and exit to the hospital emergency room where the deputies were taken—they were yelling “We hope they die,” “Death to the police,” and other sick messages. One man was heard threatening, “Y’all gone die one by one…this ain’t gonna stop.” “

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