Today’s Tweets

Day in and day out the human race struggles against the true God trying to eliminate Him completely from their lives by creating substitute gods. What a doomed struggle!

Everyone who fights God loses.


When the wrath of God hits this whole planet do you know where the ONLY safe place will be?

It’s IN His Son, Jesus Christ, who bore our sins in His own body.


Good to study the Bible and find out which things God says are wrong that you believe are right.

Could save your life.


In theology, the bigger the word, the more leverage it gives you among the simple minded.


I like this quote:

“If we don’t uphold the rule of law we’re no better than savages. And if it falls, we pick it up and lift it higher still.”


If you know you need a Savior, have you considered, out of all the Saviors out there in the religious marketplace, which one could actually save you? There’s only One of them who can actually save your soul.


God the Father is your only true Father.

Godly fathers are essential but they’re not your true Father.

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