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God didn’t need to give us the gift of prayer, as if He needed our help, but, by doing so, He involved us in His work, even to the point of partaking of His compassionate nature and sharing His heart of mercy.

If He had not given us the gift and responsibility of prayer we would never have come to know Him or be conformed to His Son.


Speaking the truth doesn’t mean we think we are going to change the world, but we do think it would be a crime to remain silent.


God answers prayer, and if He didn’t we would be in big trouble.


There’s incredible beauty in nature, and its Creator gets ALL the credit.

The beauty of His creation shows how beautiful He is.


Freedom is in relation to God.

Do we love Him the way we should?

If not, we need more of the freedom He gives.

“He who the Son sets free is free indeed”


There is only one Holy Spirit, not many Holy Spirits, and He unites all true followers of Jesus.


Human sacrifice was a frightening part of some ancient societies, and is still practiced today in some places.

They believed the ultimate sacrifice was a human sacrifice, because a person is the most precious thing in creation.

Did you know that God performed a human sacrifice?

He gave His Son as a human sacrifice to pay for the sin of the whole world.

The Son gave His own life, sacrificing His life to save ours.

The most precious Person paid the price.

The transaction was complete.

Our sins were paid in full.

Who ever truly believes this possesses everything that Jesus accomplished when He died and rose again – forgiveness of sins, a new creation and eternal life.


Biblically, the “church” is the sum total of people who truly follow Jesus Christ.

It’s not an organization.

Alternately, the apostate “church” is all who claim to be Christians and yet don’t truly follow Jesus Christ, and are not saved.


Modern quandary:

“I would be most appreciative, if, when I’m judging you, that you don’t judge me back, because Jesus said, Don’t judge!”



“Sunrise… Sunset….
Swiftly go the days…”

But Jesus Christ has given me eternal life.


“You’re my only hope, Father.”

Or… do you have another hope?


For God’s children there’s a place where they belong, and it’s not this present world, they are just passing through.

The more we know we belong to another world the more powerful we can be as we’re passing through this one.


A follower of Jesus is never at a disadvantage.



Jesus said to pray God’s Kingdom come and His will be done, so that’s what we do when we pray for folks, we pray that they will experience His Kingdom and do His will.


God’s desire is that you be saved.

Isn’t that great?

What do you think about that?

See 1 Tim. 2:4


Important distinction:

Having a day of rest and being under the law of the Sabbath are two entirely different things.


A Friend who sacrificed His life to save ours.

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