Today’s Tweets

If we believe that whatever we ask the Father for in Jesus name He will give us, then, why would we ever cease praying?


‘Friends for life’ is increasingly becoming rarer as a self-centered,  self-absorbed western consumer individualistic lifestyle has spread everywhere.


Follower of Jesus, the outcome of your faith is going to be glorious.


Why should anyone let themselves be manipulated or threatened into lowering their moral values?

What makes Liberals think THEY are now the absolute authority on morality?

Where did they get this idea?


Jesus taught that people learn to hate from their father the devil.

A hater shows who their real spiritual father is.

Have you ever considered that you might hate God?

To hate His truth and commands is to hate Him.

You may not think, “I hate you God!”, but what if you’re holding Him in contempt?


Sects or cults all give their devotees one small task to earn their ticket to heaven. The idea that if they just jump through this one hoop they are assured of Heaven appeals to multitudes, because, then, they can feel righteous that they have fulfilled their part of the deal.

Whether it be Saturday church, or Sunday church, or speaking in tongues, or taking the mass, or getting baptized, or recognizing a supposed anointed Apostle or Prophet…. it makes no difference, they are just as lost now as they were before, only now they have been immunized from hearing the truth.


Godly marriages and families glorify God and establish righteousness, and satan has an insane hatred for anything which glorifies God (he is insanely jealous of God) so such things are his number one target.


What kind of Judge will Jesus Christ be when He returns to judge the whole human race?

Simply read what He said, then you’ll know.


It’s not a good idea to stand behind someone who’s shooting at the police.



Human nature is such that people only question truths of God’s word when they want to justify actions they know God does not approve of.


“How is your ministry going?”

Hmmm? OK, let me “carry out the ministry” on you for 5 minutes, and then you can tell me how it’s going.



Don’t confuse one who has been influenced externally by the Holy Spirit with one who has the Holy Spirit in them.


A guy might be sold on Chik-Fil-A and you’ll always find him there. Or another on Macdonalds.

Churches are similar.

Some are drawn to junk food. Some are drawn to real food.

So, our only concern is to provide the real spiritual food of God’s Word at no cost.

And those who are drawn to that will come.

And those who don’t like the taste of God’s Word will go elsewhere, where their itching ears and ego can be stroked, and the lusts of their flesh gratified and justified, and their lukewarmness affirmed.


Eternity is a long time


In eternity we are not bound to time like we are now, but the Greek phrase “forever and ever” literally means, unto the ages of the ages.

Without time nothing would have meaning.

If It takes 3 seconds to speak a sentence here, how long does it take to speak the same sentence in heaven?

I would avoid any interpretation which detracts from the reality of life in heaven.

It’s not some altered state of consciousness.

We know that because Jesus ascended there in a physical body, is there today in a physical body, and is returning in that same physical body.


I’m using the example of speaking sentences to point out how basic life is the same there as it is here in those terms, that is, we will use our physical mouth to speak in a common language, rather than some kind of telepathic communication.

We know this because when John went there he was spoken to and he heard it, it wasnt telepathic.

I believe time will seem irrelevant in Heaven because we have forever.

Down here the clock dominates our lives in some respects, and we can’t escape needing to allocate time to different things, especially since we get tired.

I would liken it to a situation where you are so blessed by God that time seems irrelevant and flies by without us talking note of it.



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