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We live in a dystopian sci-fi world.

The news is like some B movie.


If you’re out of fellowship then there’s no one who can speak reality into your life.

But that’s the reason many choose not to be in fellowship.


With weight loss, the pain losing it will be proportional to the pleasure gaining it.

That’s fair enough.

The thing is to convert the pain in losing it into the pleasure of the benefit gained by losing it.



At least the physically blind man knows he is blind……


We’ve gotta play the hand we’re dealt with.

Or stick our head in the sand.


a. What does the world think about it?

b. What do you think about it?

c. What does Jesus think about it?

  • Think about what?

Anything you name.


How would you rate your love for Jesus Christ on a scale of 10?

It’s a rhetorical question.


A mark of a true disciple is they want to love Jesus more than they do.

If we say we have great love for Him we’re probably self deceived to some extent.

God maintenances our lives.

And we should cooperate with His maintenance.

Therefore, each of us should know if we have left our first love, or whether materialism is replacing divine love in our heart.

If we believe God maintenances our life, we trust Him to faithfully reveal our shortcomings to us.

One of the great blessings of severe trials is that they reveal our actual love for Him, not a theoretical love.


Jesus is eternal, and He gives eternal life to all who want to be with Him, which is only fitting.


Whenever a person does something well they are glorifying God, whether they realize it or not, and whether they give Him the glory or not.


Riots on the streets, and a riotous debate.

Just saw the debate. My thoughts:
a. Trump interrupted too much at times.
b. Moderator biased against Trump.
c. Trump seems more confident of what he says than Biden.
d. Trump’s mental acuity for facts and figures seems to be better than Biden’s.
e. Neither are statesmen.

My personal impression of the debate is that it shows that both of these are mere men, not demi-gods, not the messiah, and policy is the main thing, not a charismatic personality.

Future debates should have some kind of plexiglass cubicles which prevent a speaker being interrupted, in my opinion.


A. What can you do by yourself?

B. What can Christ do in you?


Remember, actual policy issues matter more than who has the biggest mouth.


You have been given access to God by Jesus death and resurrection.

You can walk right in and call Him your Father, if you believe.


In the Book of Acts those who were filled with the Holy Spirit spoke the Word of God with boldness.

Therefore we take it that very few a filled with the Holy Spirit today.


You’ve gotta be stronger and shrewder than the devil or he’s going to destroy you, obviously.

“Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”

If Christ is in us then we should truly live by His word and overcome by faith.


The devil used to tell people God is too kind to punish them for their sins, but this didn’t work, so now he tells them they don’t have any sins, and this one seems to be working.



“It’s not biblical faith to try to convince yourself that things are better than what they actually are. It is not biblical faith to work to make yourself feel good about what is not good. Biblical faith looks reality in the face and does not flinch.”


Do you really believe that intelligent life came into being by itself, from nothing, without a Creator?


You will take care of us forever, Father.


If we know someone, but we’re not interested in praying for them, then we don’t really care about their soul.


If the mob doesn’t recognize the President, nor will it recognize election results, nor his nominee to the Supreme Court, nor the rulings of that Court, would be my guess.


Meaninglessness is simply to exist without Jesus Christ.


A good rule of thumb is to ask, What does it matter in Eternity?


Unstoppable Kingdom.

No question about it.

Just don’t disqualify yourself.


Emptiness is simply not to have Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ is greater than anyone can imagine.

But we don’t need to imagine, the evidence recorded in scripture is enough to convince us.


What is this thing called “faith”?

Real, Biblical faith is the exact representation of the Person you have faith in.

You have put your faith in a Person.

So, then, what is this “faith” like?

It conforms to the Person you have put your faith in – it’s according to what you understand this Person is like.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1


Who gives you every heart beat, every breath?


Winners don’t make excuses.


My first encounter with a demoniac after I got saved in Los Angeles was on Hollywood Boulevard, there was a fully demonized street preacher called “Brother Bob”, he would scream at passing cars, “You’re going to hell!”, he was dribbling saliva down his beard, dressed in a suit and waving a KJV Bible. I was walking down the pavement and he picked me out from the crowd and came running directly at me and stopped inches from my face, and he said, “I’m going to kill you!”. I said straight back to him, “Satan, you can’t touch me in Jesus name, because the greater one lives in me and you are defeated by the Blood of Jesus!”.

He looked pale, then ran away, it seems in fear.


We should keep trusting the Lord because He loves us.


You feel happy for a believer if they already have a number of meaningful relationships and therefore don’t have the time to be your friend in practical terms, but you feel sad when the reason they don’t want to be a real friend is that they have no meaningful spiritual relationships or friendships in real life.


Two days of Tweets because there was not enough net speed to upload them

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