Today’s Tweets

“Even demons believe there is a God, and they tremble.”


We always face hindrances, but our God has no hindrance.


If few understand you, know that God understands you.


“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7


Jesus is the only man to have truly lived what he preached.

And He calls us to follow Him.


Forewarned is Forearmed.

Bible prophecy.


Christian love is about laying down our life for a friend.


Truth of the word.


Power of the Spirit.


For us Christians, God doesn’t watch us from a distance, He lives in us, so He watches us from within us.


God convinced me about God.


Was just remembering a testimony from a very solid Christian we know in India who runs an orphanage. One night, she and a number of the orphan children were awakened by the sound of a beautiful choir singing. They went outside into the surrounding area to see where the sound was coming from, but there were no lights on anywhere, it was the middle of the night. They sat and listened in awe to the most beautiful choir you could imagine, in a language they didn’t know. Then it ended.

I asked the lady if she knew of any reason God would give them such a visitation. She said she had been through a very wearisome and trying time. It encouraged her, and the children certainly got something they will never forget.


We join our prayers with the prayers of all the folks around the world praying for a speedy recovery for the President and First Lady, in Jesus name.


If Pres. Trump gets over Covid quickly there’s a political silver lining, because then he should have immunity and therefore that danger is mitigated, whereas Biden remains especially vulnerable.


Does modern education produce independent and objective thinkers?

I don’t think so.

Regarding thinking, we need to be fiercely independent and objective.


Someone asks, “Is God’s love unconditional?”


Salvation is conditional.

That’s what people need to be concerned about.

The condition is you have to believe it.

Or do you suggest believing is not a required condition?

If a Christian goes back to his sins and is trapped in them then he is no longer a believer, he is not living by faith, he is living as a transgressor and has cast away his faith.


In my opinion, natural beauty is the only beauty there is.


A danger sign is when thugs, looters, urban terrorists, murderers and the grossly immoral feel much more comfortable with a certain government.

See, I’m not being political, no names mentioned.

No need to.


Governed by Jesus Christ.

Are we?

Is He truly our King?

Do we recognize His governance over our lives?


The life of a man of God is given over to intercessory prayer and teaching the word of God.

This is how the New Testament describes true men of God.

If we look at the NT examples of intercessory prayer it was for real people by name, whom they were in relationship to, in some way.

Today it means something else. A flaky escape from reality, into a fantasy world.

Colossians 1:9, 4:12

1 Thessalonians 3:10



“On the last day, Jesus Christ will not be judging the quantity of our work, but the quality. Not how much we did. But what kind of work we did. Did it meet His standards?”


Simply pointing out a lie or a defamation of character doesn’t make you political, does it?

I think it means you’re not a dipstick.


The days are coming when people will get up in the morning, see the news, then flip to the Book of Revelation and say, ‘Now… which chapter are we in today?”


If I don’t trust the Holy Spirit to lead me, why should I trust myself to lead me?


I wouldn’t discuss anyone I’m not praying for.


Those babies they’re murdering in the womb, they’re just as much a person as YOU were when you were in your mother’s womb, and just as much a person as YOU are now.


What is happening in America was inevitable.

Christianity originally consisted of people who had been genuinely born again, converted, and turned from their past sinful life.

When Christianity became a society or culture, that is, something you’re born into and are expected to conform to culturally, then it developed into Babylon, a confusing mixture of good and evil, truth and lies, a contradiction, producing more and more morally confused people who claim to be Christians.

And Babylon is doomed, it must fall.

Babylon is not the world. It’s not the religions of this world. And it’s not the Antichrist.

It is a freakish, monstrous mixture of Christianity and pagan morals and values.


The spiritual battle will rage until Jesus calls us home.


Proceed with prayer.


Spiritually, there is only either victory or defeat.


If you are doing God’s will you never have to worry about God’s provision.

Lord, I will seek first your Kingdom and your Righteousness, and then I know I will have everything I need.


One of the great obstacles preventing a sinner coming to Christ is that he wants to keep his identity and standing in the world, knowing that coming to Christ means he loses all that. But he doesn’t know how much he’s missing out on.


When a Christian has been living in a fake spiritual environment it can be painful for them to adjust to a reality church.


The best music on earth is only a poor reflection of the music in Heaven.

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