Today’s Tweets

One of the benefits of following Jesus is you escape the wrath of God.


.Imagine asking a lost person for directions?


Spiritual strength comes before any other strength.


“Doctors confirmed President Trump has been without a fever since Friday.”


Don’t worship anyone or anything other than Jesus, for He alone is worthy.


One of the key roles of a true church is to help people be taught by God, for if we’re taught by God we’ll be fine.


Simply pass on what you’ve received from God. If He’s forgiven you, forgive others. If He’s blessed you, bless others. If He’s taught you, teach others.


When New Testament Christianity collides with the present….



God told us to work six days and rest one day.

If we’re in a place where we can’t work we can still do His work, praying for folks, sharing His word.

He still expects us all to put in a good six days work.


We pray because our Father is listening and expecting to hear from us.


The Kingdom coming daily in our lives is always about His Kingdom displacing all other kingdoms in our heart and mind.


When the Bible is our only source of truth then we see teachers and preachers more as Bible readers and not additional sources of truth.


The Bible says if you seek God you will find Him.

But it hinges on which “God” you are seeking?

What if you’re seeking your own version of God?

It would be terrible if you found “him”.


The idiot who rejoices that someone got Covid is likely next in line to get it.


Only the truth helps people.

Only the truth will set you free.


In difficult times you move forward in small steps.


False prophets only use scriptures which are convenient for them.

They put themselves above the correction of God’s word.

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