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If you look at the life of Jesus you get the idea that Jesus loved sinners, and some of them were touched by that love and left their sins behind and followed Him.


For us, every single day is Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Sabbath, and the Lord’s Day, all rolled into one, because we are IN Christ.


In need of a Savior?

There is one, and only one.


Who is indoctrinating who?

‘Be careful of their indoctrination! It’s better you only be indoctrinated by us!’



We want the Heavenly perspective of earthly things.


For those out of step with reality, the only hope is they read the Bible and the truth touches their heart and they know that their own reality is out of step with the reality of God.


The Narrow Road should not be made any narrower or any wider than it actually is.

Some make the Narrow Gate impossibly narrow. Others make it wide enough to give comfort to the unrepentant.

On one hand you have the hyper-spiritual, and on the other, the liberal.

Don’t make the Christian life harder or easier than the word of God describes it.


It’s pretty easy to know if Jesus is the joy of your life.


Jesus died so we can live.

Jesus rose so He can give us His life.


He owns all the land, but the tenants have been acting up.


We can play a role in anyone’s life by praying for them.


Those who recover from Covid shouldn’t make light of it, out of respect for those who have died, and those who will die from it.

That said, the world shouldn’t be held hostage by political correctness concerning Covid.

Especially now that it is no longer an unknown disease.


God is absolutely Holy, perfect and sinless.

So, only perfect people can be spiritually joined to Him in perfect harmony and live in His presence forever.

So… we sinners need to be MADE perfect by the atoning Blood of Jesus Christ, and born again, made into a new creature.

Only then can we go to Heaven.

Only then can we know Him.

Only then will His infinite power and glory not destroy us.

That’s why Jesus said, You must be born again.


Who or what determines your moral standards?


We should know whether we love God above all else.


They’re not just promises. He has the power to keep His promises.


Ways to view things in our life:

Sin, or not sin.
True, or false.
Wise, or unwise.
Blessing, or a curse.
Fruitful, or unfruitful.
Good, or bad.
Helpful, or unhelpful.
Uplifting, or discouraging.
Loving, or unloving.
Productive, or unproductive.
From the Spirit, or not from the Spirit.
Of the flesh, or of the Spirit.
Glorifying to God, or not glorifying to God.
Pleasing to God, or not pleasing to God.
Rejoicing the Spirit, or grieving the Spirit.


We rejoice in who Jesus is, and all He’s done, and all He’s doing, and all He’s going to do.


If you don’t like what you’re doing, don’t do it.


If you want a more civilized society to live in than what the alternative offers, vote. Or, don’t complain later.


The promise of eternal youth.

Oh yes.

Live forever in a perfect body, no aging, no sickness, no sorrow.

Completeness in Christ.


What is God going to do in your life, for the rest of your time on earth?

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