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True Christians know the meaning of life: it’s Jesus Christ, who is now their life eternal.

And the Christian walk is always about interpreting this truth, or translating it into real life.

Jesus Christ is the meaning of life.

But is Jesus Christ the meaning of MY life?

Is He truly the reason and purpose for how I will live the rest of my life?

How does this truth translate into everyday living?


Some Christians are obsessed with what’s happening in the world, while others are out of touch with the reality of what’s going on, while fewer have a balance between the two.


What is now private will later be public.

(See 1 Cor. 4:5)


Trust Him in the dark, and you’ll soon be flooded with His light.


The weaker we are the more reason we have to wait on God and renew our strength.


God didn’t abandon the human race.

Just the opposite.

He sent His Son to die for a people who had abandoned Him.

He’s not abandoned you.

He died for you.


“….that you may serve the Lord without distraction.”

1 Corinthians 7:35

Anything which hinders us from hearing Him and being His instrument is a distraction.


a. What can you do?

b. What can God do?

c. What can God do in you?


Many have rejected religions created by culture, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve rejected Jesus Christ, and it’s not too late for them.


“The truth shall set you free” applies to every person at all times.

No one can say they are an exception and it doesn’t apply to them.

The person who lives in the truth is always a free person.


EVERYTHING hinges on a person’s relationship to Jesus Christ.

I didn’t say “with”, I said “to”.

Because everyone is in relationship TO Him.

Most people are His enemy. That’s their relationship to Him.


It’s not so much politics which divides, but the moral issues at stake, for example, when people don’t think that killing a baby is a big deal, and such like “political” issues, some of which the Left-wing media will ban us if we mention.


Singing is such an appropriate response to God.


Success or victory only comes after we stop making excuses.


If you like to eat, treat your farmers like royalty.


Have you experienced the results of prayer?

Have you experienced the results of not praying?


We owe Jesus a debt we can’t repay, and nothing we do could repay Him, and yet gratitude is appropriate, and ingratitude inappropriate.


The mark of the Beast has to be BOTH physical and spiritual.

If it were only spiritual, then how could people not buy and sell without it?

And if it were only physical, such as a vaccine, then people could be tricked into taking it, not knowing what it was and what it signified.

But that makes a caricature of God, as if He is some monster who would allow good people to be tricked into being damned forever. It would make a total mockery of God.

Everything has consequences as to how it portrays God.


Fake Christianity doesn’t make “mistakes”, rather, its true nature gets exposed.

They didn’t just mistakenly murder thousands of people, like, “Oops! Sorry about that!!”

Its true nature was being revealed.


Human nature is always far more concerned with what people think about us than what God thinks about us.

Jesus sets us free from that bondage.


See Revelation 17.

To worship a stone, an animal, a tree, the sun or the moon, is one thing.

But to create an idol of Jesus Christ and worship this little “Jesus” you have made is far worse.

Fake Christianity is FAR, FAR worse in the sight of God than the most primitive paganism.


What is Spiritual Narcissism?


God doesn’t care who wins a debate.

Christians don’t need to win anything in life.

We only need to be faithful.

God alone decides if we are winners in His sight.


The truth is a lie to the delusional.



“Constant smiling and smirking is what clowns do.”

Said Guliani in response to Harris.


If you think people are great, you should meet their Maker!


There is such a thing called “character”.

Some got it, some don’t.


You know all that “Jesus stuff”?

THAT is the Holy Spirit.


The world is offended by the beliefs of Bible-believing Christians.

And Christians find the beliefs of those who are offended by their beliefs to be offensive, but they don’t take personal offence, they just pray for them.


Lack of sanctification always results in a lack of power.


If you’re in doubt about your salvation, settle it, Has Jesus saved you, or not?

Perhaps you’re confused because you thought you could save yourself?


“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in.”

Matthew 23:13

Yes, woe to you if you are an obstruction for others entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

If you teach legalism.

If you teach Gnosticism.

If you teach anything other than what the New Testament plainly teaches.


If you don’t appreciate democracy, I wonder if you would appreciate the alternatives?


Sitting on this little rock hurtling through space, enjoy the ride.


No one can hurry God up and force His hand, but surely He doesn’t mind you trying, like the persistent widow.


Today is one day closer to Jesus return.

Are you:

a. Excited?

b. Scared?

c. In denial?

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