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If we sum up the history of mankind, what do we conclude? A bunch of savages?

The Light came into the world and the world didn’t perceive Him.


Find out what really matters and attend to that.


The birds are singing.

They know something we don’t.


Being truly converted to Christianity means Jesus Christ comes to live in you.

And, if He is in you, then there is not a single aspect of your life where it does not involve Him.


You might think it’s hard to seek God with all your heart.

But haven’t you experienced that it’s harder not to?

Haven’t you learned how lousy it is to miss out on communion with Him?


The country elects a Conservative President, and he nominates a Conservative to the Supreme Court.

Did you expect him to nominate a Liberal?

Or, would you expect a Democrat President to nominate a Conservative?

Something funny going on.


The Constitution is in the news again and again.

A nation needs a Constitution. There has to be some absolutes.

Can you imagine what it would be like without one?

And each person needs a Constitution.

They need God’s Constitution, His word.

Can you imagine living without God’s word?

Can you imagine what would happen if you discarded it and decided to write your own “Constitution”?

You would be a Liberal.


Compare the words of Jesus with anyone else’s words.

His words are living and powerful, and the absolute truth.

Any other words are merely what people think.

All scripture is the words of Jesus.

By the way.

That’s what defines scripture.

If it wasn’t His words it wouldn’t be scripture.


“And as I began to speak, the Holy Spirit fell upon them, as upon us at the beginning. Then I remembered the word of the Lord, how He said, ‘John indeed baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit.’ “

Acts 11:15-16

Note a distinction between Spirit baptism and water baptism.


Life and joy and health and peace forever and ever. Forever and ever and ever and ever…..


A person’s status in this world ceases the moment they die.

After that, they’re standing in line to be equitably judged by the Law of God in His Court.

I’m speaking to the unsaved here.

Will you be found guilty of breaking His laws?

Do you expect your court appearance to be different than if you were on trial down here for breaking the law?


Regarding Senate hearings, and such like, the person of character has already won and doesn’t have to win anything.


In Nazi Germany, Jews were considered sub-human and therefore okay to kill.

Today, babies in the womb are treated the same way.


Don is just a man.

Joe is just a man.

You decide which one has more Christian values than the other.

Or are they both morally on the same page?

A mans policies reveal his values.


We can’t use precise words here or we’ll be censored, but when a Liberal Christian approves of things the Bible calls sexual immorality, what they’re saying is they have no personal moral objection to it, and, if they themselves don’t participate in it, it’s only because of personal preference, because they don’t feel like doing it, and not because it is morally objectionable to them on the grounds of God’s word.

What do you think




Let’s not mix religion and politics, so, go ahead, kill the babies????


The hyper-spirtual Christian is a good person who loves the Lord and loves people, but they live more in their own world than in reality. In their zeal they push a spiritual truth to the point of distortion, and then that same truth is not found in the reality of their life.


Some of the “wounds” Christians carry are self-inflicted, and without them coming to terms with that they won’t be healed.


Some Christians are distracted from the reality of walking with Jesus, and are occupied with distractions.

Then we also get distracted with their distraction, like a chain reaction.


The morality of killing babies is on trial in the US.

If someone wanted to kill you would you say to them,

Hmmm? That’s a very interesting political view!

And as it’s only a political view I guess you have the right to do it!



A divided heart can’t trust or love Jesus Christ.


If someone doesn’t have faith, what have they got?

They’re just a shell of a person.


See 1 Cor. 10:1-13.

Meaning: if we do what they did, we get what they got.


Even if a total fruit loop speaks God’s word, it is still God’s word.

God was pretty wise

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