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The Gospel is the opportunity to choose eternal life.


“God commands us to forgive one another. This doesn’t mean we merely say, “I forgive you”, it actually means we GET OVER IT. That may sounds harsh but this is what it means to forgive someone FROM YOUR HEART. We get over it. It’s really that simple.”

  • Mark McCourt


Only the person who is dying daily to sin is the one who really lives.

Sin is the greatest delusion.


Jesus’ critics will soon be dead and gone, while He lives forever.


Grace is what we haven’t earned.


God defends those who trust Him.

A pretty good deal.


How did the words of the Holy Bible become hate speech?

Ironically, hateful people have decided this for you.

So you don’t have to think for yourself.


The Bible’s definition of evil might be very different to yours.

Check it out.


Yes, people still visit Jesus’ tomb – His empty tomb.

What a monument!!


Everything to do with relating to God ultimately has to do with truth.

To approach God means we will be confronted with the truth.

If we avoid the truth, we avoid Him.

But if it’s a false god then you can skip all that.

Believing falsehood is okay if you’re content with a false God.


It’s about far more than who can project a Mr Nice Guy image.


The Gospel is a matter of life or death.


Grace is indeed sufficient.

Try it.


Protection and safety is a basic human right.

But threatening others who don’t agree with your morality or call it out as wrong is an abuse of human rights.


Prayer is about us knowing God, and He knowing us.


The holy nature of God is such that if you stood before Him in your unregenerate or unconverted state His power and glory would kill you.

He said, “No man sees my face and lives”.

The only way for this NOT to happen was for Jesus to bear our sins in His own body on the Cross.

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