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Amy has restored balance to the force – a female object of hatred has arisen to counter balance the male object of hatred.



You’re not voting for Trump, you’re voting for Conservative values, and against ungodly values.



“Today I voted where I live in Boone, North Carolina. I was reminded how thankful we in America should be for the privilege of choosing our leaders by voting. People in many countries around the world don’t have this privilege—and in many countries, the elections are notoriously crooked or rigged. There are some in this country who would resort to rigging or sabotaging elections here if they could get by with it. Let’s pray that this will not happen.”


Education hasn’t much to do with schools, but has a lot to do with parents, and the kind of life they live.


What do you want from this world?

What do you expect it to give you?


When a Christian has no message is it because the word of God is not living and active in their heart?


When the “rights” of one group clash with the “rights” of another group, you’ve got an intractable problem.

But the violent always have a “solution” to this.


Christian faith is, If Jesus is okay, then we’re okay – If Jesus is doing fine, then we’re doing fine, because we’re in Him.


If you believe created things are good, then you’d want to believe their Creator is good.

Good food. Good Creator.


With God’s judgment you never know when PAY DAY will come.

He gives man time to repent, but when that time expires only He knows.

When their hatred and violence reaches a certain level then God will wipe them off the face of the earth.

That’s what He’s done before.


Going to Heaven will be like stepping into the most fantastic Sci-Fi movie you could imagine, only it’s real.


The non-Christian’s greatest need is SALVATION.

The Christian’s greatest need is SANCTIFICATION.


Have you ever said this to God? :

“I’ve sinned greatly against you, Lord.”

It’s true.

If you’ve never said it, it could be a first step toward Him today.


“And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.”

1 John 2:17

The world is going to be gone soon.

And the principles, values and forces by which it functions.

But those who follow Jesus will remain.

They don’t follow the same principles and values that the world follows.


If we believe we need the Lord’s help, then we need to pray.

Others need His help as well. Pray for them.


The same people who believe in superstitions don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead, and vice versa.


In Christ you are never alone.

Without Christ you are totally alone.

Even in a crowd.


The greatest personal offense is the offense to the ego.

The Cross of Jesus Christ is the greatest offense to the human ego because it declares that we were so morally bankrupt that an innocent Man suffered the death penalty in our place.

The Bible says this message that God incarnate had to suffer and die to redeem us offends our ego.

If we were as good as we think we are then Jesus wouldn’t need to have hung on those nails for us, would He?


One thing politicians can teach us is the value and power of having a thick skin.

Seriously. It’s very important to have a thick skin.


How do you objectively know that you love God?

Choose anyone you know at random. How do you objectively know you love them?

By what you do in relation to them, more than what you feel.

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